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Riveted, Structures, Lands


THEME: Emerging

FRIDAY  |  3 - 5 PM

Photo 1 Grell_Brenda_Riveted_Still1.jpg
Experimental | 2019 | 5 min. 35 sec.
Official Selection
Suggested Rating | G
Country | United States
Language | English
Director | Brenda Grell
[ELO Conference Media Exhibition]
Riveted, Structures, Lands pieces together digital video and stop motion animation to explore loss and memory. Blueprints pilfered from Union Pacific Railroad by my great-grandfather alongside fragments of quilt pieces sewn by my great-grandmother weave together a new personal understanding of family memories. Through interviewing my grandmother who suffers from dementia, I was able to create a broader story and appreciation of her two parents and their own modest creative expressions within a larger history. 
Eligible for Specialty Award:
  • Woman to Watch


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