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Joanne Hock


Known for her even keel presence on set, Joanne Hock is a multi-talented writer/director/cinematographer who has been working in the film industry for over 30 years.

Joanne was an ad agency copywriter/producer that was “bitten” by the production bug while working on commercials. Pushing boundaries, she was tapped by Kodak Films in the mid-90’s as one of the few women cinematographers working in the business. Joanne lensed hundreds of TV ads before shifting into writing and directing feature narratives. In the last 12 years she’s helmed 7 movies and directed several Hollywood legends: including Cloris Leachman, Brian Dennehy, Rachel Welch, Melissa Gilbert, Bill Cobbs and James Hong. Joanne also built a reputation for creatively shaping emerging talent and their on camera performances including Darby Camp, Madison Bailey and Erika Gluck.

Storytelling is her passion and Joanne loves both the mental and physical challenge of a demanding schedule. She’s helmed 8 documentaries as either Director or as Director of Photography and has 30+ cable TV network True Crime shows to her credit. Her screenplay for When We Last Spoke won the prestigious Austin Film Festival Audience Favorite Award and her script, Wednesdays at the Gem, a Nichols Fellowship Finalist, is now in development through her company, Joanne Hock Films. She is currently writing a seven episode limited series based on the book, Child of the Forest and Holocaust survivor/living witness, Charlene Schiff.

Joanne Hock
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