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Christine Papalexis


Christine has been performing and making puppets and costumes since discovering her love of puppetry at Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles. Hand puppets were next, followed by cable, animatronic and hydraulic puppets for movies, television, videos and commercials. She had the good fortune to work on a Roger Corman film, puppeteering a giant cockroach creature with buckets of blood and slime. After that she spent years at various creature effects companies in Los Angeles, puppeteering everything from aliens, a bull, a gorilla, a couple lusty sex scenes with marionettes, a martian, penguins, a pink teddy bear and more.

She has been lead puppeteer/lead builder for many projects. She recently completed her directorial debut with a short marionette film, Amaterasu, based on a Japanese folk tale, with support from Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams. She has created her own artwork, including two marionette shows made of found objects. Christine is a past president of the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry and regularly contributes to local and national puppet publications.

Christine Papalexis
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