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The Third Defector

BLOCK I | Last Looks 

Saturday, March 25 | 7 - 9:30 PM 

Winthrop University | Dina's Place at the DiGiorgio Campus Center

The Third Defector
Screenings & Awards

Simply Indie Film Fest • Festival du Court d'Art • Germany International Film Festival • Sedona Film Festival • Chicago Reels Shorts • Open World Toronto Film Festival • Studio City Film Festival • Sioux City International Film Festival • WSXA Paris • Indo French International Film Festival • Megaflix Film Awards • Cannes Shorts • French Duck Film Festival • Paris Film Awards • London Movie Awards • IndieX Film Fest • Independent Shorts Awards • Mannheim Arts and Film Festival • Malta Film Awards • Paris Film Awards • Tokyo Film Awards

Cast & Crew

NARRATIVE | 2022 | 16 min. 53 sec. 


COUNTRY | France, United States 

LANGUAGE | French 

PRODUCER | Melissa Jo Peltier 

DIRECTOR | John Gray 

WRITER | John Gray 

CAST | Margot Luciarte, Lassana Lestin, Dee Lay Cherod, Cédric Weber


What seems like a simple assignment for a spy to keep tabs on an Iranian defector becomes a more complicated game of cat and mouse in the streets of Paris.

About the Director

John Gray is a New York based writer-director-producer. He created the long running hit CBS series GHOST WHISPERER, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, as well as writing and directing many award winning and critically acclaimed movies for television, such as MARTIN AND LEWIS, starring Sean Hayes and Jeremy Northam, the Emmy nominated A PLACE FOR ANNIE with Sissy Spacek, the Emmy nominated mini-series HAVEN with Natasha Richardson and Anne Bancroft, HELTER SKELTER with Bruno Kirby, and many others. He has directed dozens of episodes of series across the broadcast and cable spectrum, and was also the producing director of the CBS series RECKLESS. He has written and directed several studio and independent feature films, including the award winning WHITE IRISH DRINKERS, starring Stephen Lang and Karen Allen, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. His acclaimed short films have played and are playing in film festivals all over the world. His short film FRENCH KISS has notched 6.3 million views to date on YouTube.

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