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The Garbage Man

BLOCK I | Last Looks 

Saturday, March 25 | 7 - 9:30 PM 

Winthrop University | Dina's Place at the DiGiorgio Campus Center

The Garbage Man
Screenings & Awards

2023 Academy Awards OSCAR Shortlist • Monstra Festival de Animação de Lisboa • Annecy - Festival International du Film d' Animation • Animafest - World Festival of Animated Films

Cast & Crew

ANIMATION | 2022 | 11 min. 50 sec. 


ELIGIBLE | Woman to Watch 

COUNTRY | Portugal 

LANGUAGE | Portuguese 

PRODUCER | Rodrigo Areias 

DIRECTOR | Laura Gonçalves 

WRITER | Laura Gonçalves


On a hot August afternoon, the family gathered at the table remembers uncle Botão: the Colonial War, emigration to France, where he lived and worked thirty years as a garbage man. Memories of each are crossed to tell the story of a man who lived a hard life through humor and fantasy, like when he returned to Belmonte, in a van full of trash, turned into a real treasure.

About the Director

Laura Gonçalves finishes the course Art and Multimedia at Faculdade de Belas Artes in Lisbon in 2009 and enters the animation world as a final art and animator in the studio Sardinha em Lana. In 2012, she directs her first animation short, "Three Weeks in December," completing her Animation MA at Arts University Bournemouth. In 2013, she moves to Porto where she starts working at Bando à Parte as an animator and painter. In 2015, she co-directs the short film, "Nossa Senhora da Apresentação" with Abi Feijó, Alice Guimarães, and Daniela Duarte, produced by Curtis Megragens C.R.L. In 2016, she co-directs with Alexandra Ramires (Xá), the animation short, Drop by Drop." She now works at the Cooperative BAP Animation Studio as one of the founding members where she directed her most recent animation sort, "The Garbage Man," produced by Bando à Parte.

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