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BLOCK H | Double Feature - Jeopardy! & Family Ties 

Saturday, March 25 | 2 - 4 PM 

Winthrop University | Dina's Place at the DiGiorgio Campus Center

Screenings & Awards

Cast & Crew

ANIMATION | 7 min. 43 sec. 


ELIGIBLE | Cinema Carolina 

COUNTRY | United States 

LANGUAGE | English 

DIRECTOR | Forest Rain 

CAST | Aiste Vaiciunaite, Anthony Strangeweather


Spearheading the search for sentient life on other worlds is the job of Odyssey 1, solo space pilot and explorer. His boots-on-the-ground mission takes him to a barren land inhabited by the ruins of an ancient civilization. As the night approaches, melodic tones illuminate the forsaken dunes, welcoming their guest with visions of a mysterious feminine presence, one whose existence is seemingly tied to the planet’s past. The line between dream and reality is blurred as Odyssey 1 is drawn into her caverns below the surface like a moth to a light. He soon discovers that he’s been selected to be part of something greater.

About the Director

Forest got his start in A/V production fresh out of high school. In addition to being a short film animator and director, Forest has worn many hats in his career, ranging from live event producer, DJ, dance choreographer, video editor and motion graphics designer. Whether he's creating animation for award-winning documentary "Black Star" (audience choice award, Illuminate Film Festival), or producing a multimedia live dance performance, Forest is passionate about bringing audiences together for unforgettable experiences.

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