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Neighbour Abdi

BLOCK B | Duets 

Thursday, March 23 | 7 - 9 PM 

Winthrop University | Dina's Place at the DiGiorgio Campus Center

Neighbour Abdi
Screenings & Awards

Locarno Film Festival

Cast & Crew

DOCUMENTARY | 2022 | 29 min. 00 sec. 


COUNTRY | Netherlands 


PRODUCER | Richard Valk

DIRECTOR | Douwe Dijkstra 

WRITERS | Douwe Dijkstra, Abdiwahab Ali


How can you understand a violent past? Somali-born Abdi is furniture designer and support worker. He reenacts his life, marked by war and criminality, with the help of his neighbour and filmmaker Douwe. Through playful reconstructions in a special effects studio, Abdi and Douwe embark on a candid and investigative journey through a painful history, focusing on the creative process throughout.

About the Director

Douwe Dijkstra (1984) is a filmmaker and visual artist from the Netherlands. He studied Illustration Design at the ArtEZ University of the Arts. His work is a mixture of video, animation and VFX, and can be described as both humorous and socially engaged. His projects range from short films and documentaries to video installations and theatre performances.

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