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MeTube: August sings "Una Furtiva Lagrima"

BLOCK C | Bold & Beautiful 

Thursday, March 23 | 8 - 10 PM 

The Mercantile | Burro Alley 

Dress for the Weather

MeTube: August sings "Una Furtiva Lagrima"
Screenings & Awards

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Cast & Crew

EXPERIMENTAL | 2020 | 8 min. 00 sec. 


COUNTRY | Austria, Hungary 

LANGUAGE | German 

PRODUCERS | Daniel Moshel, Eugen Klim 

DIRECTOR | Daniel Moshel 

WRITERS | Daniel Moshel, Eugen Klim 

CAST | August Schram, Elfie Wunsch, Sira Topic, Thomas Weinhappel, Michael Schertenleib, Alessandro Bressanello, Selina Ströbele, Emem Augendopler


The third part of the internationally award-winning MeTube short film series. This time the intergalactic music nerds August and Elfi conquer the opera stage and orchestrate their final adventure in an opulent manner.

About the Director

Daniel Moshel was born in Germany. Currently he lives as a writer/director in Vienna, Austria. "Login2Life" (2011) was his first feature length documentary. After the premiere on the German ZDF broadcast station, and a successful festival circuit. He is one of 4 directors creating the 2014 ZDF TV-show named "House of Love."

The project "MeTube" started as a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers. It was the most successful short Daniel accomplished. Consequently the sequel MeTube 2 followed. Both MeTubes were screened on more than 600 festivals (including two nominations on Sundance 2013 & 2016), received more than 60 awards, and gathered over 4 Million web views. MeTube 3 just launched its career online and is going to be release to the festival circuit. Currently Daniel works with his Team of writers on features and tv shows.

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