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La Tielle Setoise

BLOCK C | Bold & Beautiful 

Thursday, March 23 | 8 - 10 PM 

The Mercantile | Burro Alley 

Dress for the Weather

La Tielle Setoise
Screenings & Awards

Cast & Crew

ANIMATION | 2022 | 3 min. 43 sec. 


ELIGIBLE | Best Student Film 

COUNTRY | France 

LANGUAGE | No Dialogue 

DIRECTORS | Lucy Mazars, Aurélien Pascal, Clara Roussel, Thomas Kinowski, Carla Borscia, Amish Jain, Joris Bourgouin


In Sète, in a small restaurant, Viviane the cook prepares a Tielle contest. In the stress of the preparation, she has to deal with the betrayal of her delivery man Jacquie and the rebellion of her main ingredient. A chase starts in the kitchen.

About the Director

Lucy MAZARS | Born in Montpellier, more precisely, in Vacquières, I first started in sport-study from my secondary school to my high school, after my STL's baccalaureate I entered in 1st year in ArtFX. As my mother was a painter, I have always been attracted to the art world, drawing and photography. During my studies at ArtFX, I discovered 3D animation and I made it my specialty. 

Aurélien PASCAL | My name is Aurélien PASCAL COMMEIRAS, I am native of the south of France, from a small village in the north of the Hérault. Since my childhood, I like to draw, to create stories and comics (I wanted to become an illustrator of board games or comics) but as I come from a wine-growing background, I didn't know much about the artistic world, and working in it seemed unrealistic. So I first went for a DUT in marketing techniques, but it was not the right path for me. So I started looking for artistic studies and became interested in schools that are part of the RECA (French animation schools network). This is how I found the ARTFX school. In 5 years of studies I specialized in 3D animation and learned 2D animation in self-taught. I also do illustration and comics in parallel. 

Clara ROUSSEL | Born in Nîmes, in the Occitanie region. I decided to study art after obtaining my scientific baccalaureate. Since I was little, I have always been fascinated by video games, tales, legends and drawing. I started by learning to do illustrations and comics on my own before deciding to look into a school like ArtFX. Since I loved creating stories and drawing moving characters, animation was the next logical step in my artistic journey. If these last five years have not tainted my desire for discovery and my love for storytelling. ArtFX has helped me to know how to channel a flow of ideas, to better understand how a production could work, and has made me grow in terms of professionalism. 

Thomas KINOWSKI | My name is Thomas Kinowski, I am originally from the south of France, more precisely from Nîmes. I immersed myself very quickly in movies thanks to my parents who made me watch different styles which allowed me to discover many directors without having the idea that I could one day make it my job. I passed a baccalaureate S which did not excite me enormously and it is with a student exhibition that I finally discovered the various jobs of filmaking and ArtFX school. After spending five years at ARTFX, which allowed me to blossom in the field, I now turn to the professional life and new projects that await me. 

Carla BORSCIA | Since my childhood I have always felt drawn to two quite distinct passions: animals and arts. I first decided to follow the first by heading towards veterinary studies. However, thanks to the books, films and video games that have always made me dream, I quickly realized that what I really wanted to do with my life was to transmit stories, emotions; I really wanted helping other people to dream. The first step was therefore to learn the basics within ESMA and ArtFx, and I hope to continue to develop my skills to be able to carry out fabulous projects in the future. 

Amish JAIN | Hello, My name is Amish Jain and, I come from India. Ever since I was little I had a keen interest in watching cartoons and playing games, after completing my high school. I discovered various platforms where I could dig deep into the knowledge of creating art, that's when I discovered Artfx. The art of bringing life to stories and stories to life is what I strive for. The driving factor for me is the ability to make a world of imagination look real, through visual storytelling.A team player, who collaborates with others to get the best out of everything. Always keen to move people with emotions by harnessing the skills that I have learned or experienced. 

Joris BOURGOUIN | Really passionate about movies and video games since I was young. I wanted to create images as beautiful as the ones I saw when I was young. I discovered Artfx and decided to create images in all the artistic directions and universes I like and to discover others. These four years at Artfx allowed me to grow as a Fx artist. Today, I am very curious and motivated to travel around the world, share and learn more experienced skills in different studios and countries.

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