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BLOCK C | Bold & Beautiful 

Thursday, March 23 | 8 - 10 PM 

The Mercantile | Burro Alley 

Dress for the Weather

Screenings & Awards

Cast & Crew

EXPERIMENTAL | 2022 | 5 min. 00 sec. 


COUNTRY | United States 

LANGUAGE | Spanish 

DIRECTOR | Hart Ginsburg


Recently, we had the chance to visit family in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan. Years have passed since living there, so naturally memories revisited us. It was more of the everyday movements: the trains, local grocery markets, homemade tofu and seemingly ubiquitous interactions with others. Without a deliberate intention to film, only traveling with a cell phone and notepad, a dangerous thought emerged: What about visiting the infamous Shibuya intersection? From there the camera in the cell phone took control, initially we traveled to Shibuya to take stills, but then footage. In particular thoughts of intersections were an impetus with related associations to themes of “intersectionality” - briefly speaking, in how we hold various identities depending upon contextual, environmental and other variables. But then we might ask, where do these identities or intersections of our lives lead us to next?

About the Director

In 2015, Hart Ginsburg founded Digital Tapestries in response to lived experiences of depression and working as a psychotherapist serving refugee populations. Inspired by the multi-sensory healing potential of art, Hart explored ways to support the diverse needs of marginalized populations through reflective arts. Each of Digital Tapestries’ productions – films, books, and art response workshops – encourages inclusive dialogues to reach beyond surface level responses into our inherent humanistic capacities

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