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Everybody Don't Electric Slide

 BLOCK H | Double Feature - Jeopardy! & Family Ties 

Saturday, March 25 | 2 - 4 PM 

Winthrop University | Dina's Place at the DiGiorgio Campus Center

Everybody Don't Electric Slide
Screenings & Awards

Charlotte Film Festival • Hobnobben Film Festival • Skyline Indie Film Festival • Sugar Loaf Film Festival

Cast & Crew

NARRATIVE | 2022 | 15 min. 00 sec. 


ELIGIBLE | Cinema Carolina 

COUNTRY | United States 

LANGUAGE | English 

PRODUCER | Anil Dhokai 

DIRECTOR | Rodney Stringfellow 

WRITER | Rodney Stringfellow 

CAST | Karen Abercrombie, Amahri Snipes


At a large family gathering after a funeral, an older woman confronts an awkward young man she doesn’t recognize. In order to reveal his identity, she forces him to use a haunted typewriter that will only type the truth.

About the Director

Rodney Stringfellow is an educator, filmmaker, screenwriter who has written on children's series for Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Disney Channel, PBS Kids and Sesame Workshop. In 2022, he was honored with a Children's & Family Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Children’s Series (Alma's Way). 

In addition to his ongoing writing work, Rodney teaches screenwriting, video production and film history at University of North Carolina, Charlotte. •• Rodney wrote and directed the 2019 short film, “Manhood” which won Best Narrative Short from the 2019 Arizona International Film Festival, the 2019 CineOdyssey Film Festival Best Regional Film Award, and the Vasant & Champa Patel Most Creative Award from the 2019 Carolina Film Festival.

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