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Egg Man

BLOCK D | Emerging 

Friday, March 24 | 3 - 5 PM 

Winthrop University | Dina's Place at the DiGiorgio Campus Center

Egg Man
Screenings & Awards

Cast & Crew

NARRATIVE | 2022 | 11 min. 19 sec. 


ELIGIBLE | Woman to Watch, Best Student Film 

COUNTRY | United States 

LANGUAGE | English 

PRODUCERS | Xingyi Jiang, Yan Hua 

DIRECTOR | Hsiao Hsia Huang 

WRITER | Lucy Choi


Mr. Ren is an introvert and traditional Chinese father. After his American-born son decided to donate his heart out to others after he died, Mr. Ren leaves his home and temporarily stays in a motel. One day, he meets this young boy who claims he got heart transplant from this Chinese guy.

About the Director

Hsiao Hsia (Charlotte) Huang, 25 years old, a young female writer-director from Taiwan. Her first short Dreamer(2019) has won over 10 international film awards, including Best Director, Best Short Film, and Best Original Screenplay, screening around the world. Other works like The Red Envelope(2019) and Pluto’s Gender(2021) have been selected in World Film Carnival, Lady Filmmakers Festival, and Awareness Festival etc., showing her growing potential in film directing. She is now pursuing an MFA degree in Film Directing at Chapman University.

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