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Daddy's Eyes

BLOCK A | Hopes & Dreams 

Wednesday, March 22 | 7 - 9 PM 

Winthrop University | Dina's Place at the DiGiorgio Campus Center

Daddy's Eyes
Screenings & Awards

LA Shortsfest • Santa Fe Film Festival • Baltimore International Black Film Festival • LA Femme International Film Festival • Lake Placid Film Festival • Awareness Film Festival • Brown Media Group FilmFestival • Fabriano Film Fest

Cast & Crew

NARRATIVE | 2022 | 15 min. 13 sec. 


ELIGIBLE | Woman to Watch 

COUNTRY | United States 

LANGUAGE | English 

PRODUCERS | Marie Zeniter, Drew Ann Rosenberg, John K Anderson, Byron Werner, Susannah Blinkoff 

DIRECTOR | Drew Ann Rosenberg 

WRITER | John K Anderson 

CAST | Susannah B, India Carney, Cassius Willis, P. L. Brown, Paulina Nguyen, Willam Belli


In this haunting tale of hope and despair, a mother and her daughter, separated for over twenty years by race, fame, and heroin addiction, struggle to find each other before it’s too late. This modern Greek tragedy examines the sacrifices that must be made to make it to the top of the music world.

About the Director

Drew grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and graduated from Brown University. She began her career in the arts working at Playwright’s Horizons Theatre in New York City. She’s also a classically trained singer. 

Drew’s first feature, SEX AND A GIRL, premiered on Showtime and Lifetime Networks. Her feature, FOLLOW THE PROPHET, had a US theatrical release. Drew co-directed 65 one-hour episodes for an off-net telenovella series, SAINTS & SINNERS. She also wrote and directed the short film, DAYBREAK, which received an LA Emmy. Work as a Second Unit Director includes THE RETURNED, STARKID and NOW AND THEN. 

In 2019, Drew was named one of the DGA’s mentored TV Directors by the highly selective DGA Mentorship Program. Through the program she wrote and directed the short film, AMY’S GIFT, which received four awards at festivals. •• Drew has worked as an Assistant Director in television and movies, including 6 Academy Award-winning films, alongside directors Sidney Lumet, Woody Allen, Jonathan Demme, Curtis Hanson, Barbet Schroeder and Rob Reiner, to name a few.

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