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The Seahorse Trainer


The Seahorse Trainer

BLOCK A | Opening Night

THEME: Delightfully Different

WEDNESDAY  |  7 - 9 PM

Narrative | 2019 | 12 min. 39 sec.
Official Selection
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | Canada
Language | English
Producer | Rodmon Sevilla
Directors | Ricardo Bonisoli, Babak Bina
Writers | Ricardo Bonisoli, Babak Bina, Rodmon Sevilla
Cast | John R Tylor
[Seattle International Film Festival • LAShorts • Filmquest • Spark Animation • San Diego International Film Festival • ARFF Berlin • Red Rock Film Festival • Oaxaca Film Fest • FIlmCorti Festival • Ibiza Cinefest • Anchorage International Film Festival • Durango Independent Film Festival • La Picasa Film Festival • Nevada City Film Festival]
Enter the surreal and nautical world of Seamour. A lonely old man with a passion for training seahorses. Desperate to have his most prized seahorse perform the highly ambitious “Triple Back Flip,” the final day of training has come and it’s up to his knowledge, preparation and the seahorse’s determination to see the trick come to life. But when the hourglass turns, Seamour realizes it is even harder than he thought and he must overcome his troubled past before the magic fades or the trick will never be achieved.


BABAK BINA | Coming from Iran with an engineering background, Babak found a passion for visual and fine arts in his mid 20s, which lead him to Canada where he studied 3D animation at Seneca College of Applied Arts in Toronto.


After completing his studies, Babak went on to work as a 3D artist at multiple studios in Canada for both television and feature films. Currently, he works at Scanline VFX completing projects such as Game of Thrones, Dark Phoenix, and Godzilla: King of Monsters, Just to name a few. Babak’ s skills aren’t limited to the VFX world, as he likes to explore different mediums of traditional and digital arts, including graphic design and sculpting

RICARDO BONISOLI | Ricardo Bonisoli hails from Venezuela where he studied illustration at the Instituto de Diseno de Caracas. Wanting to dive into 3D waters he then went on to study at the Vancouver Film School and graduated with honors from the 3D Animation and VFX Program.


Since then, Ricardo has gained experience at multiple VFX facilities in Vancouver BC. Currently he works as a 3D artist at Industrial Light & Magic on blockbuster feature films. Credits include, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2018) and Aquaman (2019) Ricardo also enjoys painting.


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