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A Congo's Journey

a film to reconnect humans with nature


THEME: Around the World

THURSDAY  |  7 - 9 PM

Documentary | 2019 | 16 min. 26 sec.
Official Selection
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | Costa Rica
Language | English
Producer | Marco G.Lerin

Director | Marco G.Lerin
Writer | Marco G.Lerin
[New York Cinematography Awards | Los Angeles Cinematography Awards | Oniros International Film Festival | Mesa International Film Festival | Rome Independent Prisma Awards]
This is the first documentary film in the world in which a baby monkey tells its own story addressing the human being.  A Congo’s Journey, is a non-profit documentary film created by Marco G. Lerin for the Jaguar Rescue Center, located in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica, in order to give a voice to the animals and motivate the human beings towards the protection of the natural environment in which they live.


Marco G.Lerin's background is the academic's path of a Master's degree in Engineering. He studied in Spain, England, and China. Through training his mind in traditional education, he uncovered his own truth that he wanted to walk an alternative heart-centered path. He decided to leave that trajectory to express the beauty he saw in the world through cinematography. It was an unknown path, and it still is, but he trust in his ability to continue to manifest a career that is heart centered and freedom based.


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