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The Big Race


The Big Race


THEME: Picture This

FRIDAY  |  7 - 9 PM

Experimental | 2019 | 10 min. 09 sec.
Official Selection
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | United States
Language | English
Producer | John Williams
Director | John Williams
Writer | John Williams
Cast | Ana da Costa, Lester Gonzales, Kitten Marie Clayman, Jessica DiSalvo, Marilla Wex
[InShadow - Lisbon Screendance Film Festival • Dance On Screen Festival • Polish International Film Festival • Clones Film Festival • Austin Arthouse Film Festival • Movimiento en Movimiento • Screendance IMZ Festival • Festival International VideoDanzaBA • Moving Images International Video Dance Festival • Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema • 10th Underground Cinema Film Festival • International Dance Film Festival Brussels • Bucharest ShortCut CineFest • Lago Film Festival • R.E.D International Film Festival • Braga International Video Dance Festival]
Set in a surreal world of giant TV’s, talking flowers and dancing Ravens, two mannequins discuss the controversial race between Mr. Tortoise and Ms. Rabbit after allegations surface that the race was rigged by the Ravens. 


John T. Williams is an award-winning screen dance filmmaker. His films have been presented in over 100 film festivals throughout South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the United States. His most recent film, "Jilava" has received over 12 awards and nominations, including awards for "Best Experimental/Avant-garde Film," "Best of Festival," and "Best Director." The film was recently presented at a lecture on "Dance and Spirituality" at the University of Theology in Graz, Austria. 

His most successful dance film, “Black Train is Coming”, is based on the 1926 sermon, “Death’s Black Train is Coming” by Rev J.M Gates, one of the most prolific black preachers in the US. The film was presented in the lecture at the joint conference of Society of Dance History Scholars/Congress of Research on Dance at UC Riverside as part of the presentation, “Bodies Among the Ruins: Dance Films Emerging Legacy” and is also included in The ReelDance Moving Image Collection archive at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia for cultural research and curricula in dance and film studies.

John received his BA in Cinema at San Francisco State University. He also wrote, produced and directed several stage ballets featuring dancers from the San Francisco Ballet, Alonzo King LINES Ballet and Oakland Ballet.


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