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BLOCK D | Love is in the Air
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** When watching Block D in the viewer below, you will need to click the link provided on-screen to watch the final film, Library of Love, on YouTube.

Monkey Rag

Animation | 2013 | 3 min. 45 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | USA
Director | Joanna Davidovich
Cast | Asylum Street Spankers
Monkey Rag is a traditionally animated throwback to the musical cartoons of yore. Inspired by the thumping, riotously fun music of the Asylum Street Spankers, Mitzi pursues a disaster of her own making in this richly colored world where reason is overrated.
Monkey Rag screened at the 2014 UFFyc.

Speed Dating

Animation | 2014 | 12 min. 36 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | USA
Producers | Nick Schmidt, Kristin Benedyk, Joe Lyons, Meghann Artes
Director | Meghann Artes
Writer | Meghann Artes
Cast | Baize Buzan, Russ Williamson, Michael Woods, Jordy Williams, Adam Poss, Adam Shalzi, Otis Fine, Philip Conway, Matt Young, Andy Monson, Paul Gallagher, Clark Lichty
Desperate to find the man of her dreams, sweet and plain Ava tries a last ditch effort, speed dating. But the absurd cast of characters she encounters makes her wonder if being single is not so bad after all. 
Speed Dating screened at the 2015 UFFyc.

Harry Grows Up

Narrative | 2012 | 11 min. 30 sec.
Suggested Rating | G 
Country | USA
Production | Abaloon Films
Director | Mark Nickelsburg
Cast | Elizabeth Elkins, Grace Gawthrop, Josh Hamilton
New York is a tough place to find love. Especially for an 18-month old living on his own.
Harry Grows Up screened at the 2013 UFFyc.


Narrative | 2012 | 37 min.
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | USA
Executive Producer | Brian James Crewe
Producer | Hugh Aodh O’Brien
Production | Film Crewe Productions, Variegated Films
Director | Brian James Crewe
Cast | Marion Kerr, Andre Hall
After a bad day at work, David literally runs into Hannah, a beautiful and strange young woman. For their First date, David nervously tries to create the perfect evening, but Hannah’s odd, yet charming behavior turns dinner into a disaster. Trying to redeem the night, he proposes a “do-over,” and takes her on the ultimate first date adventure. As the magical evening comes to a close, David discovers there’s more to learn about Hannah than he could ever possibly imagine.
FAR screened at the 2013 UFFyc.


10 minute intermission!

Lonely Planet

Narrative | 2014 | 24 min. 35 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG-13
Country | USA, Spain
Producers | Ignacio F. Rodo, Alex Burunova
Director | Alex Burunova
Writers | Alex Burunova, Ignacio F. Rodo
Cast | Nadine Nicole Heimann, Roger Batalla
While on a temporary assignment in Barcelona, a restless American woman meets a tall dark stranger who challenges her to live in the moment... with him.
Lonely Planet screened at the 2015 UFFyc.

Library of Love

Narrative | 2016 | 12 min. 10 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | Australia
Language | English
Producers | Meg McPherson, Estelle Buzzard, and Maya Kavanagh
Directors | Miranda Edmonds, Khrob Edmonds
Writers | Miranda Edmonds, Khrob Edmonds, and Kathryn Lefroy
Cast | Trilby Glover, Ian Brennan, Alinta Carroll, Ben Mortley, Jess Phillippi, Taryn Ryan, Elwyn Edwards
Isabelle is a hopeless romantic, who spends her days as a librarian reading too many romance novels and dreaming of true love. But can she can pull her nose out of the books long enough to find love in the real world?
Library of Love screened at the 2018 UFFyc.
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