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Consent: A Short Film About a Serious Subject

Narrative | 2018 | 12 min.
Suggested Rating | PG

Country | United States
Language | English
Producers | Rebekka Johnson, Kimmy Gatewood, Matt Johnson
Director | Kimmy Gatewood
Writer | Rebekka Johnson
Cast | Rebekka Johnson, Tate Ellington, Jackie Tohn, Oscar Montoya, Sarah Lowe, Dwayne Colbert​
A singer ignores her fan's consent in this romantic comedy gone wrong. An allegory about sexual assault with absolutely no sex.
Consent: A Short Film About a Serious Subject screened at the 2019 UFFyc.


Narrative | 2018 | 9 min. 34 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG-13

Country | United States
Language | English
Producer | Strawhouse Pictures
Director | Anil Dhokai
Writers | Anil Dhokai, Chris Gervais, Micah Troublefield
Cast | Chris Gervais, Nicole Cardamone Cannon, Rodney Stringfellow
After waking up with a song stuck in his head, a man discovers that it is coming from an unlikely source.
Earworm screened at the 2018 UFFyc.


Experimental | 2012 | 6 min.
Suggested Rating | PG-13 
Country | Spain 
Producer | Irene Alfambra
Production | Pio Pio Stories
Directors | Josep M. Gifreu, Laia R. San Juan, Ignacio F. Rodó
Cast | Roger Battle, Adriana Feito
A couple meets in a pool at night. The guy has a proposition and is eager to play, however, the girl has plans of her own and will not make it easy.
Prometeo screened at the 2013 UFFyc.

Une Libération

Narrative | 2015 | 15 min. 59 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG-13
Country | USA
Producers | Hugh Aodh O'Brien, Brian James Crewe
Director | Brian James Crewe
Writer | Marion Kerr
Cast | Ross Marquand, Marion Kerr, Matthew Temple, Mark Jäger
On the eve of the liberation of Paris from Nazi occupation during World War Two, Juliet, an American resistance member, risks her life descending into the city's underground tunnels to deliver a secret message to fellow fighter Jean. However, a final deadly encounter with a pair of German deserters threatens to destroy the very thing she's been fighting for.
Une Libération screened at the 2015 UFFyc.


10 minute intermission!

A.I. Ancient Lights

Narrative | 2018 | 12 min. 00 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG-13

Country | Ireland
Language | English
Producer | Linhong Yang, Cashell Horgan
Director | Cashell Horgan 
Writers | Cashell Horgan, Algernon Blackwood
Cast | Declan Rooney
A surveyor clerk trespasses a fairy forest, at a time when a new mythology is being created for a technological world.
A.I. Ancient Lights screened at the 2018 UFFyc.

The Bridge Partner

Narrative | 2015 | 14 min.
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | USA
Executive Producers | Jason Michael Berman, Devyn Petek
Producer | Cathleen Alexander, Sean Barney, Gabriel Olson
Director | Gabriel Olson
Writers | Peter S. Beagle, Gabriel Olson
Cast | Peter S. Beagle, Rebecca Brooks, Catherine Carlen, Robert Forster, Marcy Goldman, Beth Grant, Sharon Lawrence, Vicki Oleskey
A timid housewife is jolted into a fight for her survival or sanity when she thinks she hears her new partner at a weekly bridge game whisper a shocking threat.
The Bridge Partner screened at the 2015 UFFyc.
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