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BLOCK A | Inspired by Actual Events
Click the PLAY VIDEO button in the viewer below to begin the show. When one film ends, the next film will automatically begin. A 10-minute intermission slide has been built into the program, so when you see the UFFyc at Home slide, you'll know that you have 10 minutes to get everything you need for the second half!
** When watching Block A in the viewer below, you will need to click the link provided on-screen to watch the final film, The Gnomist, on Vimeo.

The Driver is Red

Animation | 2017 | 14 min. 45 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | United States
Language | English
Producers | Jared Callahan, Randall Christopher
Director | Randall Christopher
Writer | Randall Christopher
Sound Design | Johannes Kunz
Cast | Mark Pinter
The Driver is Red tells the captivating true story of Zvi Aharoni and the Israeli secret service team that brought down one of the most powerful Nazis on the run. Fifteen years after the end of World War II, the team closes in on the murderer in Argentina in their attempt to bring him to justice.
The Driver is Red screened at the 2018 UFFyc.

Voice on the Line

Animation | 2010 | 6:53 min.
Suggested Rating | NR
Country | USA
Director | Kelly Sears
Cast | Hugo Armstrong
The era of nuclear anxiety, red scare paranoia and covert CIA plots forever changed how we engaged with the telephone.
Voice on the Line screened at the 2013 UFFyc.

The Collegians

Narrative | 2011 | 17 min. 36 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | USA
Producers | Adam Jordan Isaacs, Bryan B. A. Lewis (co-producer)
Director | Bryan B. A. Lewis
Writer | Bryan B. A. Lewis
Cast | Alexandria Collins, Stefond Johnson, Roderick Randle, Art Wallace
A swinging drama based on the story of trumpet legend, Erskine Hawkins during his college days during the Depression. As a young trumpet sensation with a big ego, he learns the hard way what it means to be a member of the ‘Bama State College band, The Collegians.
The Collegians screened at the 2015 UFFyc Mini-Fest Celebrating Black History Month.

Merci Beucoup Bradley Cooper

Narrative | 2013 | 12 min. 13 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG-13
Country | France
Producer | Anne-Christine Caro
Director | Anne-Christine Caro
Cast | Anne-Christine Caro, Nicolas-Henri Bozzi, David Capelle, Philippe Pasquini, Nicolas Ullmann
Fame is the name of the game in this satire on the cult of celebrity as an enterprising actress enlists an English teacher, who happens to be a Bradley Cooper doppelgänger, to impress industry insiders and make a name for herself in the attention-seeking chaos of Festival de Cannes.
Merci Beaucoup Bradley Cooper screened at the 2014 UFFyc.


10 minute intermission!

The Night Witch

Animation | 2013 | 4 min. 7 sec.
Suggested Rating | PG
Country | USA
Producers | Alison Klayman, Dustin Grella
Director | Alison Klayman
Director of Animation | Dustin Grella
Writers | Daniel Kitrosser, Alison Klayman
This animated New York Times Op-Doc explores the life of Nadezhda Popova, known as Nadia, who became a World War II hero as part of a Soviet all-female bombing regiment.
The Night Witch screened at the 2016 UFFyc.

The Gnomist

Documentary | 2015 | 19 min.
Suggested Rating | G
Country | USA
Executive Producer | Sharon Liese
Producer | Cynthia Wade
Associate Producer | Samantha Hake
Director | Sharon Liese
When fairy homes mysteriously appear in a suburban forest, four women, driven by unquelled curiosity about the origin of this whimsy, find that believing in magic is the medicine they need to overcome their personal struggles and tragedies.
The Gnomist screened at the 2015 UFFyc.
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